Parties and Special Events

Upstairs in Detention:
Free Bluegrass Jam Every Sunday
Every Sunday afternoon, free bluegrass jam from 2-6 pm.
Over 20 Bluegrass musicians come to jam upstairs in the Detention Lounge. Bring your guitar, banjo, spoons or washboard! There is nothing like this in the city!
Hosted by Tom Hanway
Your bartender, Roger, serving 2 for 1 drinks.

Sunday School for Sinners
Upstairs in Detention:
DJ Johnny Oh! hosts Sunday School for Sinners
Spinning 1950's rock and Roll!

FREE!!! 6-10 PM

Upstairs in Detention:
Kitty Kowaslki and DJ Tony Quasar host New York's premier party celebrating the music of the 80's. Prizes every week for the best outfit. Come hear all your favorites from Yaz to Adam and the Ants as Tony spins everything from New Romantic, New Wave, No Wave, Ska, Synth, Early Goth & techno and Top 40 hits. Cool videos form the infancy of MTV, Friday Night Videos and RockAmerica on your monitors.
New Wave Outfits are in free, those who purged their closets pay $5. Free admission with ticket stub/paid admission to Sunday's live show.
$5, 11:00
Downstairs on the Main Floor:
This long-running party is the spot for lovers of the Jungle Beat. Djs delMar, Cassien and Dara play hard Drum and Bass, Trip-Hop, Future Jazz and experimental music. Enjoy the rotations of Special Guest DJ's, live collaborations and some fine visuals.
11 PM, $10, $7 with pass.

Upstairs in Detention:
CAR WASH, with your hostess Hotlips Heidi throwing the craziest disco party every Tuesday night. With special Karaoke singing sensation, literally from the streets of New York, Super Bad Brad . DJ Morgan plays the grooviest 70's disco for your far-out pleasure. Put on your best polyester and get ready to get down. Lip Gloss required. Free Beer from 11-12.
11 PM, $5 and Ladies Free All Night.

Max's Wenesdays
Upstairs in Detention:
Jayne County hosts Wednesdays, to get you through the hump
Legendary transsexual rocker and original Max's Kansas City DJ Jayne County spins your favorite rock and roll,punk and garage, but no requests please! Vintage videos from Max's with performances by Lou Reed, The Heartbreakers, The Ramones and other luminaries are played on Coneyvision. The original Max's drink menu will also be available, so you can have a Blondie or a Blessed at the bar. Photo exhibits by Bob Gruen and Leee Black Childers.
11 PM, $5.
"boy!" Downstairs:
Every Thursday boy! brings back the boy bar flavor that once resided in this very building. Sherry Vine hosts a new drag revue and burlesque boys. Every week, a special guest will be performing with in-house jazz-masters, the dirty boy! band. Mr. Tim keeps your feet moving in-between performances on the main floor, while in the basement lounge, Lily of the Valley soothes you with quiet sounds from the DJ booth.
11:30 PM, $10/$5 with pass or before midnight.
Upstairs in Detention Lounge:
Nick Marc presents "Tiswas," a night for Anglophiles who love the newest in English rock and fashion. As the English continue to crank out band after band, Marc plays the newest imports and all that is hip and trendy in England months before it hits the American shores. Every Thursday Coney Island High turns into the Melody Maker and New Musical Express discussion room. College kids to music junkies frequent the night along with people who just love rock 'n roll.
11 PM, $7/$5 with pass.
EXEDOR On the Main Floor:
Formerly at The Bank, it's EXEDOR now on FRIDAYS at 12
Cry Wolf spins Alternative, Industrial and New Wave on the main floor
Daniel spins Goth in The Dungeon
12 PM, $10/$6 with pass.
"Havana-Au-Go-Go" NEW PARTY!!!!!!!!!
HAVANA-AU-GO-GO, The crowd is lookin' fine, and check out the cute greaser boys and Latinas bonitas. Sip tropical drinks or move to the Latin sounds mixed with swing and rockabilly. The 1940's and '50's are back at this brand new night. It's your chance to dress up in your best clothes. It's like going to the Copacabana with downtown decadence mixed in. It's all about Carmen Miranda, palm trees, and mambo lines. Upstairs rock and roll beauties can still dance to The Stooges and in the basement there's old school goth - strictly glamorous. It's only once a month and that might not be enough.
June 7 and 28, July 19,
11 PM, $10/$5 with invite, 18 and over - 21 to drink.
Due to overwhelming demand, Coney's added a sold-out Saturday swing night! Steve Spain will be spinning, with the occasional live band. Upstairs you can chill in the '60;'s soul and 70's funk lounge, while in the basementthere'll be a rock scene happening with Cousin Corn at the turntables.
11 PM, $7/$5 with pass.
Jesse Malin, Howie Pyro, and Holly host GREENDOOR NYC, NY's longest-running rock and roll party (5 years strong). You can find lower east side regulars, ingenues, and any famous band that may be in town hanging out at the bar listening to 60's and 70's rock and punk. Plus, Greendoor has a basement lounge with a whole new sound: The DJ's spin classic metal starting at midnight, with Black Sabbath, Motorhead, AC/DC, Metallica, Zeppelin, Danzig, etc. The range will be something old, something new, something classic, something cool. It's not a poison kind of thing...
Every Three Weeks
May 31st, June 21, July 12, August 2 and 23
11 PM, $7/$5 WITH PASS.

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