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For one week each month, Images Cinema does not schedule specific films and plays the "distribution field." A few days before the opening night of the unknown film, we will announce what we are showing in the local papers, on our Movie Line and on our website. By giving ourselves the flexibility to fit into distributors' schedules, we are likely to get more of the latest, more popular independent releases we know you will enjoy.

Visit our website a few days before the Friday start-date of the TBA Film or call our Movie Line at 413-458-5612 to find out our features of the month.

A Sunday Brunch and Film Discussion Series

For many of us, films are not just something to pass the time or provide mindless entertainment. We experience movies as fuel for discussion, communication of ideas and art to be appreciated. Images Cinema takes great pride in being the forum for our patrons to talk about the latest and greatest films happening today.

In a continued attempt to make Images Cinema your community film-house, we are planning THE BREAKFAST CLUB: A Sunday Brunch and Film Discussion Series -- where you can count on a lively discussion about the films you see. For one Sunday every month, we will choose a film we feel will best facilitate an interesting conversation, and announce the selected BREAKFAST CLUB film in our monthly program and on our website. Images Cinema will present a delicious continental buffet brunch in our theater space followed by the selected film and a post-film discussion.

Though we may have guest speakers every once in a while, discussion will be informal. All opinions will be respected, and though conversations will be moderated, structure will not necessarily be defined.

Brunch will be provided by LICKETY SPLIT, our neighbors on Spring Street, who will present a delicious variety of breakfast selections, in addition to freshly brewed coffee compliments of COLD SPRING COFFEE ROASTERS. Tickets for THE BREAKFAST CLUB will be $14 for the general public, $12 for members.

As we are not sure how many of you are interested in attending an event such as this, we ask that you email us at or call our Movie Line (413-458-5612) to let us know if you plan to attend.