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North Adams, MA

Local Culture Promoted at Contemporary Artists Center. - November 1st, 1997

November 1st, a group show featuring local artists will be presented at the Contemporary Artists center at the historic Beaver Mill, in North Adams.

The growth of local technology companies such as Tripod and Kleiser-Walsack has populated the area with creative professional accustomed to the arts and cultural venues of larger cities. Feeling a need for these outlets, artists have begun to build a community with diversity, talent and enthusiasm.

The show was spontaneously curated and scheduled by local artists. Many of the artists involved have found themselves drawn to the Contemporary Artists Center as a hub of activity, providing gallery space, studio space, performance space and sense of community. The CAC will also soon be unveiling an artist designed and run cafe and gallery space.

A group of artists approached Eric Rudd at the CAC with the concept for the show and curated and produced the show on their own.

Artists contributing to the exhibition include B.C.C.G.,Michael Claussen, Josh Field, Henry Klien, Io Kleiser, Federico Jordan, Jesse Milden, Nitin Mukul, Maria Siskind, Otis Tamasauskas David Zaig, and others.

This one night event will feature a performance by the local band incognito mosquito, playing improvised music influenced by jazz, funk and rock.

Local performance artist Nancy Hulce will present a piece relating to her body of topical work about domestic violence and abuse

A collective of vinyl manipulators including DeadAir, Quann and Priest White Lotus will be on hand performing a live mix of beats and grooves in the Jungle, drum and bass, triphop and deep house styles.

artist reception from 6-8pm performances begin at 8 and will continue late into the night There will be a nominal suggested donation requested to benefit the CAC

Directions to the Contemporary Artists Center from Williamstown: follow Route 2 East through North Adams. Take Route 8 NORTH. 1/2 mile up. CAC on the left.

for further information Please contact Jesse Milden at: 413-458-2265 ext. 27- days 413-663-5202 - evenings