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Dianogah Hannibal 7" Two songs that were originally intended to be included on the band's Battle Champions album, but were omitted due to the length and sound of the songs. Recorded from the ssame sessions with Steve Albini, The A-side is a quiet little tune. I preferred the B-side featuring some cool bass riffs. Nice jacket design by bassist #1 (of two in the band), Jay Ryan. (Southern Records PO Box 577375 Chicago, IL 60657 www.southern.com)

Dillinger Four Versus God
To start withone of the best album titles ever. Great layout too! The album cover, a boxer putting on his gloves, lends a bit of a clue as to what's insidefight songs. But the songs are not exactly the fight songs you'd expect. The fight are directed against the complacent, the bullies, the two-faced, the straight jacket of conformityAnd the wonderful thing about the Dillinger Four is that all these ideas are coated in a music so damn fun and punchy that you'd swear they were just singing about girls. That they love the music AND the message is a triumph. (PO Box 40116 St. Paul, MN 55104; Hopeless Records PO Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495 http://www.hopelessrecords.com)

Dressy Bessy The California EP
Cutesie-pie pop from this Denver trio. She has a nice voice. (PO Box 18652 Denver, CO 80218 dbessy1@plinet.com; Kindercore info@kindercore.com www.kindercore.com)

The Dickies All This and Puppet Stew
Well, since the Ramones are officially done (note: this album was dedicated to Joey Ramone, a sweet gesture), that leaves California's The Dickies as the holders of the Longest Running Active Punk Band award and what better way to celebrate the band's coronation than with the release of a really fun record. Thirteen fun and funny pop punk songs with intelligent melodies and tight musicianship. (www.thedickies.com; Fat Wreck Chords PO Box 193690 San Francisco, CA 94119-3690 www.fatwreck.com)

Dishes s/t
Ive been holding onto this foreverI think the verdicts still out as to whether I can recommend to anyone beside the fan of the poppy garage rock. Im still undecided, but Ill tell you this some of the songs are darn catchy. I love the music and they have some great hooks. My only hesitation is that the vocals of Sarah Stauskauskas fall into little ruts within the songs where it just sounds like too much of the same. Im looking forward to the next release from these Chicago kids, though. PS I love the cover art comic by Jessica Abel (www.artbabe.com) (Dishes c/o No. 89 Records PO Box 220472 Chicago, Il 60622 thedishes@hotmail.com)

Drowningman Rock and Roll Killing Machine
"We will kill again for Rock and Roll."
"If I was you and I'm glad I'm not
all they'd hear is one good shot"

Burlingtons Drowningman takes the metally H/C with dash of melody and social deviance sound that they perfected on last years How They Light Cigarettes in Prison EP up a notch on this, their first full-length for Revelation. Which is not to say that they take the volume up a notch, it was already there. Guitarist Javin Leonard has created some wonderfully evil lines on this record, which fit scarily well with the Bukowskian-super-ego writings of singer Simon Brody.

I guess Im saying that they turn the evil sides of the bands personality up a notch, letting loose a metallic monster. You get the feeling that want these guitars on your sidenot fighting you. But this monster doesnt prey on the meek, it defends it while not hesitating to take out the hypocrites and weak of constitution.

Years of touring and practices in damp, beer-stained Vermont basements have insured that this machine is well oiled. Malfunction is not an option. Your only hope is a speedy getaway. But be careful - this machine is also fast as hell and would not think twice of clipping your knee as you run away. (157 Main St. #1 Burlington, VT 05401 simonbrody@aol.com; Revelation)
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